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Joining the 45 Seniors Tennis Club

So What Happens When I Join? 


We are an extremely social bunch and we have all been exactly where you are now.  Few of us knew anyone before joining and everyone is made to feel welcome.  As a new member you will become a member of a vibrant tennis club, playing at wonderful venues and against highly competitive players who appreciate the game of tennis and want to have fun.


A series of one day tournaments is arranged and you simply need to book and play, once you have found a partner. If you can't find a partner or you are a new member and haven't met anyone yet you can book an event on your own and the event organiser will try and find a partner for you. You will soon get to know lots of people and play some great tennis matches.


You will also receive the bi-annual magazine, The Forty Fiver, keeping you up to date with whats going on.

In the first year of your membership you will be given priority entry to some tournaments and events, and either a member of the committee or an event organiser will help you with this.

Contact the Membership Secretary, Russel Connor, for a chat on 07879 448 634. He will be able to advise you of tournaments that you can try as a guest, or simply fill in the form below and send it back to him.

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