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Welcome to
The 45 Seniors Tennis Club

The 45 Club was founded in 1974 with the aim of bringing together high level competitive senior tennis players (men over 45 and women over 40) and to provide them with exciting opportunities to play tennis. Over the years the club has grown to its present size of 500 members which includes a number who live overseas in many different countries.


We offer a range of top class tennis activities; matches, one day tournaments at different venues and overseas tennis trips, either to compete in tournaments or have fun in the sun in with one of our ever-popular tennis holidays.


We are an extremely social bunch of tennis players from all walks of life, which is what makes it so much fun.  However, we may be extremely social off the court but on the court it’s all business!


The 45 Club is a roving club and therefore does not own premises. However we do get to play at amazing venues around the country. Aldershot Tennis Centre hosts us for our home matches.

The 45 Seniors Tennis Club Committee

Managed by You

We are a not for profit organisation managed by an elected volunteer committee of members, so you can be certain that you directly benefit from every penny that is raised.  You can also expect them to be extremely friendly and welcoming on and off the court.


One Day Tournaments

Highly Competitive and Fun 

For club members we run a range of competitive one day tournaments at a variety of venues.  The formats vary from the usual Men's, Ladies and Mixed to Lottery Partners and Age Specific events.

It's a full on competitive day with tons of tennis and top competition usually followed by an optional group meal to discuss the days battles.


“Being a 45er means, hitting a good ball, being competitive, laughing a lot and enjoying good times in the company of other tennis nuts”

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