How To Cancel an Event Entry

  1. Log into the website.

  2. On the 'Home Page' click your name. This will bring up a sub-menu. Select My Bookings.

  3. From the 'Manage Your Bookings' screen select Upcoming. A list of your future events will display.

  4. To the right of the relevant event there is a 'down arrow'. CLICK the arrow. Information about the event will display and there will also be a CANCEL button. Click the button to cancel yourself from the event.

  5. You and the event organiser will receive an email confirming your cancellation.

  6. If you cancel MORE than seven days before the event you will receive a refund of your entry fee.

  7. The system will not currently allow you to cancel a booking LESS than seven days before the event is due to take place. If you need to cancel please contact the event organiser.